Before you read on, please watch the above video where I share the transformation in my life since I have become the Authority in my niche.

If you want to become the Authority in your niche and experience a life transformation similar to mine, where you can really say you are living a “10” in all areas of your life, I’m inviting you to apply for my Ultimate Expert Authority Programme.

As part of the programme, together we will:

  • get you into a success and action mindset and banish any limiting beliefs or doubts you may have about your worth
  • refine your niche so that you will naturally stand out head and shoulders above your competition
  • inject personality branding so that your ideal clients are magnetically drawn to you
  • position your content so that you are quickly regarded as the authority in your area
  • amplify your message by building relationships with your influencers and leveraging off their large networks of your ideal clients
  • put in place joint venture partnerships so that you can promote your services to a wide audience of your ideal clients, without having to pay for any marketing costs upfront
  • build your tribe so that you have an army of raving fans who will become your unpaid sales force, referring your ideal clients to you
  • work out your conversion strategies to convert your hot leads into paying customers
  • design a premium pricing strategy for you that you will feel confident charging premium prices and as a result be able to deliver even more impact
We do this deep, transformational work through 8 two hour online live masterclasses, weekly assignments that are reviewed by me, a one to one mentoring call with me and a Facebook group for instant support and inspiration.

There is also a membership site where you have resources on everything you might need to become the GoTo Expert.

We have a bonus session on building and nurturing your email list and share with you exactly how I built my list with over 1000 targeted leads in less than 3 weeks, without it costing me a penny.

Finally you have a bonus website review to check that your website is positioning you as the authority AND an all expenses paid implementation 2 day retreat at Calcot Manor.

If you would like to apply for this transformational programme, just click on the link below.

If you’re accepted, then we can have a quick chat to make sure that you are right for the group and that the programme is right for your business and take it from there.

Just click on the link below to apply.

Let’s start on your journey to making your life a “10” in all areas today.

With love,
Suzanne Dibble
Founder of the Expert Authority Challenge

PS please note that this Programme is for experts who already have a solid business but you find that you are working too hard for too little reward.